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Building the Ultimate Survival Kit

Fact: the world will end at some point. Hopefully it will come to pass in a few billion years with the sun swallowing the earth in a spectacular fireworks display. By that point the human race will have colonised thousands of other planets and will experience the event by way of a live stream rather than 1st hand.

If we’re unfortunate enough to experience a cataclysmic event before then or even a minor survival situation, then you can increase your odds of survival significantly by ensuring you have access to a prepared and well provisioned survival kit.

Unfortunately disasters can often occur during periods when we least expect it, during such times being prepared will often have a significant impact on your ability to survive the situation. Chances are you, like myself and many others, have been told by many authority figures, including the government, to have essential survival items at hand. You probably thought about it, agreed it was a good idea, then went back to watching Game of Thrones. Maybe you live in a high risk area, somewhere that is prone to fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, or in the case of the UK the adverse weather conditions are probably the most immediate concern. With that in mind you might have stockpiled some water, maybe some canned food & lentils, and stocked up on candles, batteries and torches.

These items will likely get you through most minor disaster situations. But, what if the unthinkable happens? Horrible situations are unlikely, but they can happen. From tsunamis, to earthquakes, to terrorist attacks, to floods, to volcanoes. The range of disasters that can happen are almost uncountable and can all pose serious challenges to your continued existence.

Chances are that you’ll never have to exist in a world where every day is an epic fight for your continued survival, but let’s imagine an apocalyptic setting, taking a few proactive steps now could literally make the difference between life and death later. At the worst case, you’ll end up buying a few bits and pieces that you’ll rarely use and invested a few hours of your time. In the best case or worst case scenario, your preparation will mean you won’t become a statistic, you won’t starve and you won’t become a victim of a roaming scantily clad biker gang in 2025.

How to Build the Perfect Survival Kit

This is not your run of the mill survival kit or something which you might take away with you camping. This is fire and brimstone end of civilisation survival kit which will allow you to survive, even prosper, in all sorts of dangerous and adverse situations. While it’s pretty much impossible to account for every survival eventuality, or even please every arm chair expert (there might be something you want to see included, in which case include it), but with the things in this kit, you’ll be far better prepared than 99% of the population, and even better prepared than someone that bought a commercially available kit.

In researching the requirements for this survival kit guide, I’ve liaised with several experts in the field as well as tried to take an objective view of the numerous other guides available, taking the best parts and discarding the chaff. Where appropriate I have cited my references and tried to reason why an item is a must have .

The Pocket Survival Kit

A professionally put together pocket survival kit will likely only have a minor impact on your potential for survival in an apocalyptic scenario, but it also has the distinct advantage that it will fit in your pocket, which means you can always have it with you. Having this simple piece of kit with you before you head out your front door is a great idea. Ideally, a pocket survival kit will be part of a larger survival kit which will always be with you. 
A pocket survival kit is made up of a few simple items:

• A waterproof container to house the kit
• A candle
• Compass
• Fishing line and hooks
• Flint/striker or other non-match based fire starter
• Matches
• Plasting bags
• Safety pins
• Sewing Kit
• Signaling mirror
• Snare wire
• Water purification tablets
• Wire saw

When you’re away from home, your primary concern will be having access to water and being able to keep warm – which is why this kit contains multiple methods of creating a fire, as well as ways of making water safe to drink (boiling or tablets). This kit is ideal to carry with you everywhere, it very portable and contains several essential must have items. But, for and of days event, you’re going to need a more serious pieces of kit.

This list will be long, and where appropriate we have provided the reason for including the item as well as our recommendations as to what to buy. Not all items require an in-depth explanation, we trust that you understand that a sleeping bag is for sleeping and that sleeping in a tent without one can be a very uncomfortable experience.


The Survival Backpack

Backpack – Your backpack is perhaps one of the most important pieces of kit you can buy, it needs to be lightweight, sturdy, waterproof and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It needs to be able to put up with the wear and tear of prolonged use and large enough to carry all of our essentials. I strongly recommend purchasing a pack which is MOLLE compliant or that has external webbing, this will allow you to attach extra pieces of gear to the outside of the backpack when appropriate. I would personally recommend any of the options below:


Torch – A torch can illuminate your surrounding on an otherwise dark night, as long as you have access to charged batteries. At a push a torch can be used as self-defence weapon and even to focus sunlight for creating a fire. It’s a very useful tool, but one which become less useful as time progresses, depending on batteries. It’s worth looking into low energy LED torches or hand cranked versions, which will significantly extend their usefulness.

 Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Wind-Up

Compass – It perhaps goes without saying but a compass is really a no brainer, they are inexpensive, small and will allow you to orientate yourself with ease. Make sure you select one which is decent quality. A lensatic compass is a great choice.


Maps – The more information you have on your surroundings, the easier it is to navigate. If the worse happens and you need to flee your normally familiar surroundings, you may need to travel quite far and GPS might not be available. In these circumstances several high quality maps will be invaluable and will be worth their weight in gold. Buy as many as you can that cover your immediate area and surrounding areas. Store them in a waterproof ziplock or map bag.

A First Aid Kit – Functional first aids are widely available from many stores, most are perfectly capable triaging minor wounds and injuries, but I would suggest supplementing the content to make sure it includes the following items, latex gloves, tweezers, pain killers, bandages, needles, sutures, antiseptic and anti-diarrheal.



Knives – A good knife is incredibly important and should be part of any survival kit. A well-constructed, reliable and sharp knife can be used in many scenarios, from hunting and cooking to wood gathering and self defence. I would suggest buying a fixed blade full tang knife with a straight edge, as these types are generally stronger and more maintained. Additionally look to buy a multifunctional knife which can be used for other scenario that require more specialised tools, for example opening a tin can with the blade of a knife is possible, but it’s more easily accomplished with a tin opener attachment on a multi-functional tool. This knife can also act as a backup in case something happens to your primary knife.

Peasant Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Peasant Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Crowbar – If you’re thinking about survival situations, chances are you’re thinking about the wilderness, but you’re probably missing out on a lot of potential resources if you don’t consider the cities. A crowbar is key to forging for equipment and food within a city and can quite literally be a lifesaver. In a pinch, it can also be used as climbing equipment.

Hatchet – If you need to build a fire, make traps, build a shelter or gather wood for any other reason, having a hatchet can make your job much easier. It’s worth bearing in mind that while pocket saws are lighter, they are not as durable, and sharpening a serrated is not a trivial job, as such I would still recommend a hatchet over a saw.

Field Tool Tomahawk Survival Axe


Firearms – This is probably a fairly controversial choice, but it’s difficult to address a doomsday survival kit without even considering weapons. If you live in the UK you’ll probably find it incredibly difficult to get your hands on a gun legally and rightfully so. If this is the case then consider air rifles or more traditional hunting tools such as bows or hunting catapults.

Folding Shovel – Small in size and designed for digging, there is no replacement for a shovel if you want to dig a fire pit, put in shelter foundations or even cook food on.


Water Purification – Iodine tablets offer one of the most compact purification systems available, though they are not sustainable long terms and are not a good solution if you need to purify water for a large group of people. It’s worth investing a proper water purification system that you can set up at your base camp.


Water Storage – As you’re travelling around you probably don’t want to lug around 20kg of water with you. Buy a water flask. For your base camp buy a seal-able food grade container which is suitable for containing liquids.


Sleeping Bag – Get a sleeping bag which is suitable for the weather conditions you might encounter. It’s good to have something small and portable, it’s worse to be cold when trying to sleep, make an appropriate choice.


Collapsible Tent – Modern day tents are engineering marvels and are capable of being extremely small and portable while collapsed, yet also be warm and spacious when erected. There a ton of buying options available, so finding something to meet your budget and requirements should be easy.

Fire – You absolutely need multiple methods of starting a fire. Buy some strike anywhere matches, a multi pack of disposable lighters, a magnesium block and striker and a solar lighter. These will likely keep you lighting fires for years to come, if not decades.


Fire starter – Cotton wool and wire wool makes for an excellent fire starter.

Climbing Rope – You can never have enough rope. Climbing rope is perfect for climbing, given that it’s rated for both weight and shock. Invest in at least 100ft of rope and a few quality carabineers. It might be a good idea to prepare the rope with a carabineer attached in order to allow for quick deployment and less fuss. Climbing rope can be used to reach hard to navigate places, to make a quick exit or for securing equipment.

General Use Rope – You’ll want to have as much general purpose rope as you can afford to carry. It’s brilliant for building shelters, creating traps, holding equipment together, keeping items off the ground and individual strands can be used for sewing. There are for more uses than I can possibly list here. I would very much recommend 550 paracord, it’s cheap, compact and very strong.

Knot Tying Guide – Unless you’re a former boy scout, fisherman or outdoors enthusiast, chances are your knot repertoire is rather limited. Even if you know several types of knots, there’s no harm in knowing more, especially when you find something that meets a particular use case. Buying a small laminated knot tying guide is an incredibly cheap way of getting access to a variety of knots.

Clean Socks/Underwear – It’s very likely that you’ll end up wearing the same clothes for many days at a time, in which case you’ll find your clothes quickly become soiled, wet, damaged and looking worse for wear. I highly suggest that you have clothes that are used as day wear and a separate set of clean clothes which you use for sleeping in. Try very hard to keep your sleeping clothes clean, dry and in good condition. If you do this you’ll find slipping into your clean, soft, warm and dry clothes at the end of the day is a highlight and something you’ll begin to look forward to.

Food – While it’s not sustainable to live off prepacked food long term, it’s worth having a stock of emergency supplies which can tide you over until you establish a sustainable food source. Long lasting foods come in many forms, from tins, freeze dried meals and dried beans through to nuts, chocolate and other calorie dense foods. Ideally you’ll want a selection of food types, including items which can be eaten without any form of preparation (tins), items which are nutritious but require preparation (dried beans) and items that are very calorie dense and are therefore portable and can be eaten on the go. Avoid food waste, anything which you can’t eat can and should be used to bait, composting or other purposes.

Appropriate Clothing – Dress appropriately. Have a range of clothes for all sorts of weather conditions. If the climate is hot, ensure you have light layers which minimise your skins exposure to the sun. If the climate is cold, having multiple layers of clothing is better than having one thick layer.

Bandannas – Despite perhaps not being the coolest accessory to have, bandannas can still serve a functional purpose. They can protect your head from the sun and when soaked in water they can help cool you down. They can protect your mouth from dust and in emergency act as a bandage or act as a sling.

Gloves – Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold climate, you’ll need gloves. If the weather is cold then the need for gloves is obvious. In a warm climate, or really any climate, having gloves can quite literally save your skin. If you’re putting together shelters, chopping wood and handling rope and you’re more used to using a keyboard and mouse, you’ll find that you can blister pretty easily. Given time you’ll gain callouses and harder hands, but in the mean time you’ll want to be able to continue with your work, which is where a pair of quality work gloves can keep you working.

Waterproofing – Having several heavy duty rubble sacks at hand can mean you can easily waterproof a rucksack, store wet clothes or even put together a temporary shelter.

A Survival Book – Even if you’re an expert at outdoors survival, having a handy reference guide can be a great help. Get one that fits in your pocket and I can guarantee you you’ll reference in more than once.

So that’s it, that’s the survival kit which will help you survive the apocalypse. I’m sure many people will have an opinion that differs, maybe something is too heavy, or there’s too much stuff or even to little stuff. If you want to pack something else, pack it, if you want to leave something out, then leave it out. There is no right and wrong answer. Customise the content to meet your own personal requirements, location and climate.

Best of luck and I sincerely hope you’ll never need to use this survival kit.

source https://www.bladespro.co.uk/blogs/news/building-the-ultimate-survival-kit

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Bahco Laplander Review: Top-Quality Folding Saw in the Spotlight

Are you looking for a top quality folding saw for bushcraft or pruning? Basically, you have a lot of factors to consider. Primarily, you need to take regard of the convenience. This is difficult to find, especially now that not all folding saws are well-balanced or hassle-free to grip.

Moreover, it is also crucial to take into consideration the size of the saw in relation to the measurement of your hand. If you are purchasing online, it is easy to find out if the product you are interested in will give you no worries in user comfort. You can simply check out what its previous buyers have to say.

Most importantly, you should also look for a folding saw that is control-fitted. This is regarded as the ideal selection if you want to attain utmost ease in operating the equipment.

Apparently, with the aforementioned factors, the market has something to offer in advance – Bahco Laplander Folding Saw. You will see the reviews of the product not only in tons of websites but also in forums.

It is also obvious that when you review the feedbacks, you will obtain only high praises from its previous and existing owners. Nonetheless, you may want to learn more about the product. This is not a problem since the following excerpt will introduce you to the high-quality equipment in detail.

What Is Bahco Laplander Folding Saw?

 Bahco Laplander Review

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is considered to be among the top omnipresent tools for pruning or bushcraft available today. At present, you can even consider the product as a legendary option. Why? This is due to the fact that it does live up to the hype you are seeing online.

By looking at it esthetically, you will already find that the product has an attractive design. Although it is not common to describe a folding saw based on its appearance, you will still find the folding saw oddly attractive compared to its rivals in the market.

You may even deem the folding saw as the best-looking one you will ever find. You can also compare it to a folding knife that puts together every tool you need.

However, more people care about the performance of the saw, which it will not fall short in. Many have described Bahco Laplander’s operation to be seamless and highly rated in various feedback sections online.

Expectedly, it comes with a 7.5-inch blade, which makes it a highly sizable tool. In truth, you can even put it in your pocket, providing ease when you have to move from one place to another. Although the tool is lightweight, you will be surprised that its performance can compete to any folding saw’s feat in the market.

Do you know that you can use it as an alternative to your hiking tools that are practically heavy? Truthfully, there is a possibility that it can replace an ax in a way since it can be utilized in many situations.

If you will check out the construction of the material, it can actually work alongside a large knife, and you will not even find any difference. There is more to its attractive design – build that gives way to quick and easy execution of tasks.

You will also love the fact that the blade of the product can be detached and replaced at the same time. You can basically use a Philips screw in order to unscrew the pivot.

Stunningly, it can chew through logs. You may be hesitant at first, but when you try it, you will be more than surprised. In record time, you can eradicate a three-inch wood without physical hazard. You can even decimate most materials with reduced effort.

How Is the Folding Saw Used?

Bahco Laplander, making short work of firewood

You will be using Bahco Laplander in order to cut logs or branches, particularly coming from small to medium trees. If you are working on a medium tree, you may use the folding saw in order to decimate five-inch diameter of logs.

It is actually impractical if you will use the seven-inch blade in order to cut through bigger branches. Moreover, you may need other tools to do such task.

Bahco Laplander is also sold as a piece of equipment to cut through not only wooden logs but also bones and plastic. The XT toothing of the product is very fine and sharp, which means you can cut materials in any direction possible.

In other words, when you pull, you will still be able to cut the material. Alternatively, pushing also provides you the same result. Apparently, regardless of the angle of cutting, the output is good.

If you do not try taking on large logs, you will not have issues about the blade sticking to the material. So long as you do not go beyond its capacity, the work will be done easily and quickly.

When the saw is folded in or out, the blade will be locked securely. In other words, it will not simply cause cuts to the operator. For instance, when it is folded in, you will not worry it from closing over your hand.

Observing the performance of the folding saw will help you learn that the tool does not stick much. It rarely does. This is considered to be due the design and coating of the blade.

Carrying the folding saw is also very easy since it comes with a wrist and belt leather lanyard. Having it with you at all times is now possible despite the rugged activities you will go through.

As claimed by its manufacturer, the rubber coating was added to the tool so that you will not have problems using the folding saw even in wet conditions. Extended use will not be an issue as well.

You may use the tool for survival, bushcraft, and hikes among others. If you are searching for a folding saw that is compact, lightweight, dependable, and tough all at the same time, this product is a good choice. Besides, it will provide you ease of use and quicker execution of the task.

What makes the folding saw more amazing is that you do not necessarily have to swing it. In other words, the risk of the blade bouncing against the material you are cutting is eliminated. Even if you position it at an unlikely direction, it will still provide a fine cut.

What Is the Build Quality of the Equipment?

The build quality of the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is remarkable. When folded, its length is nine inches or 23 centimeters. Basically, a heavy gauge steel has been utilized in order to construct its seven-inch blade.

You will also notice that the teeth have been hardened for extra durability. As for the reduction of friction, Bahco Laplander made it possible to add a coating to avoid corrosion. This will make cutting through wood, plastic, or bone much easier.

Despite the fact that the tool is considerably light, you will feel that it is constructed solidly. When you fold it in and out, you will notice that it is meant for long-term use.

The blade of the folding saw is also matched with a comfortable-to-use handle. Do you know that Bahco Laplander made it possible to create the handle for both small and large hands? In other words, you do not have to worry about sizing at all.

Furthermore, the material used for the handle is high-density plastic and will not easily shatter. Even if you use the item continuously, you can anticipate the blade to keep on operating without a discrepancy in its performance.

The rubber coating of the folding saw also makes it reliable for an extended use and good grip. Regardless of the weather or environment, the grip technology of the material is paramount. Besides the material’s grip, you will also find a palm swell found new the saw end.

The construction of the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw will not be complete without the safety lock, which is meant to keep the blade secure both when in use and folded in.

You will also love the fact that there are no crisp detents or phosphor bushings found in the tool. It also has a pivot, which can be unfastened for the replacement of the blade. As anticipated, the pivot of the folding saw is a screw and a bolt.

Top Features of Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

There are various features that this folding saw can offer. Apart from the fact that it has a high-quality build, there are various reasons why most people purchase this product. To give you more details about its attributes, given below are the following:

Material Compatibility. You will not have issues when it comes to working with the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw, particularly if you are pertaining to the material to cut. It can cut both wet and dry wood. As mentioned above, it may also cut through bone and plastic.

Regardless of the material you have to decimate, the blade has a special chromium coating that will keep it from rust.

User Comfort. You will find the folding saw very comfortable to use. It is highly balanced. It also has a handle made for easier grip. Every factor necessary to comply with the operator’s convenience has been complied with by the product.

You do not even have to worry about the sizing since the tool is designed for both large and small hands. You will find it comfortable to hold even if you will use it for extended period of time. This was proven even by the reviews from its previous and existing owners.

Some customers even described that holding the folding saw gave them a weird feeling of actually doing a lot of things easily with the tool.

Razor Sharp Cut. The folding saw is designed with sharpness, making it easier to use and safer to operate at the same time. It will provide you a quicker execution of task. It requires minimal energy in every cut.

You can use its blade to cut in every direction you prefer. So long as you do not use it in extremely thick logs, it will not stick to the material.

Prevention of Notches and Dings. You will also find the folding saw highly usable if you want to get really low when cutting wood. It has a very thin stock, which means that it is versatile enough. Warping and torque can be totally resisted by the material.

This is also proven by reviews, stating that the folding saw does not collect many notches or dings, which are commonly found on a blade’s edge when used.

The fact also implies that the folding saw can be used as a gardening tool apart from strenuous activities. Despite being perched on a branch in a perilous manner, you will still be able to cut tree branches with much safety and considerable reach.

Easy Maintenance. Bahco Laplander made it possible to create a folding saw that is very easy to maintain. Normally, craftsman and gardeners sharpen their tools using conventional tools. With the product, you will be able to make the task easier by replacing the blade.

You simply have to loosen the screw, detach the blade, put in a new blade, and tighten the pivot. The replacement blade is quite expensive with a price point ranging from £12 to £20. Nonetheless, there are reasons for this, such as the advanced features and intensive manufacturing of the components. It is your discretion where to buy one and what type of blade to use.

Pocket-able Tool. The folding saw can be brought with you anywhere minus the inconvenience since it can be pocketed. You will not even feel it is in your pants, especially now that it weighs next to nothing. You may describe the folding saw as a highly unwieldy tool as well, unlike its rivals.

This is considerable if you need to take a walk and get a few logs. Bahco Laplander also developed this tool in order to support people who reside in farms or require frequent cutting of small limbs or saplings.

Trusted Manufacturer. You can be certain that there will be no issue when it comes to the source of the folding saw; Bahco has been present as early as 1886. Its founder, Johan Petter Johansson, was the one who invented and patented the adjustable wrench and modern plumber wrench at around 1890.

From then on, Berndt August Hjort offered to secure the marketing rights for Johansson’s products. After 64 years, the company got its present name. The present parent firm of Bahco today is Snap-on Incorporated.

For approximately 130 years, the manufacturer has been recognized for producing top-quality tools.

Cost-effective. Everything you need from a folding saw is found in Bahco Laplander’s product. In other words, there is no reason for you to neglect considering investing in this product. Although others may claim that the price of the folding saw is equivalent to purchasing a larger saw, it is a great steal if you want a long-term tool.

You also do not need a bigger cutting equipment if you are only executing small tree cuttings every now and then. Besides, who would not want a folding saw that you can bring almost anywhere?

Pros of Choosing Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

There are various reasons why you should consider buying Bahco Laplander Folding Saw. Apart from its exceptional features, there are also advantages that will encourage you even more to take regard of the product.

To provide you its top pros, given below are the following:

Lightweight. The lightweight profile of the product makes it a must-have for people who often need to cut small to medium branches or perform gardening tasks. It is also a top option for survival kits since it will not cause inconvenience when being carried.

Paired with its light construction is the compact design of the product. Despite the fact that it is light, you will not have problems in getting all necessary folding saw capabilities from it. Truthfully, it even exceeds expectations.

Useful for Various Situations. Even if you check out yourself the reviews regarding the product’s performance, you will find only the best feedbacks. For most previous and existing owners of the folding saw, the tool is easy enough to use for getting the job done.

Some also stated that they will no longer be going to an outing without carrying the folding saw. If you want to fill in your scout pack, complete your survival kit, or collect gardening tool, this is a great option.

Seamless Cuts. The folding saw has the capability to cut through dry and wet wood with ease. Take note that reviews also stated that even if you use it for both hard and soft woods, you will not have any issue. Other users even described the folding saw’s mechanism to be similar with slicing butter.

Less Fatigue. Many users have also commended Bahco Laplander for providing a folding saw that eliminates constant stress on the hands of the operator. Regardless of sawing several branches, you will only have to exert a little effort.

With such advantage, even your kids will be able to work with you when necessary using the tool.

Safety Features. You do not have to worry accidentally cutting yourself or anyone near you while working with the folding saw. It has a self-locking mechanism, which means that the blade will not simply swing by itself when not in use. Once folded in, the blade will be secure accordingly.

It also cuts despite putting it in an awkward direction. This is totally different if you are using an ax for cutting branches or saplings.

Cons of Purchasing Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Apparently, no product is perfect. This is the reason why even the folding saw coming from Bahco also has flaws as reported by its users. However, you must know that its shortcomings are not major problems, which make the tool no longer usable.

Given below are the following:

Limited to Small or Medium Timber. It is true that the folding saw is not applicable if you will work on thicker or larger logs given it only has a seven-inch blade. As mentioned earlier, it may not be applicable if you will work on wood with more than five inches in diameter.

Nonetheless, this con is overshadowed by the fact that the folding saw can cut through a variety of materials other than wood. For instance, it can slice through bones and plastic components.

Easily Wearing Powder Coating. Many users have also complained that the blade’s powder coating does not stay too long. The material is actually added in order to decrease friction when cutting through logs.

However, this may be the reason why Bahco made it possible to provide its users an option to replace the blade of the folding saw.

Competitors of the Popular Folding Saw in the Market

Similar to other top-quality folding saw options, Bahco Laplander also has several competitors on the market. It is obvious that the product concerned outperformed its rivals, but, still, it is important for you to compare the items for a cleverer evaluation. This is also a means of guaranteeing that you have chosen Bahco for a great reason.

EverSaw Eight-inch Folding Hand Saw. This is made for backyard pruning but can also be applicable for bushcraft. It is made of a top-quality carbon steel blade. Moreover, it has medium razor teeth that come with a triple-cut design. You can anticipate it to provide sharp sawing and highly smooth cutting.

It has a full length of 17 inches. EverSaw also developed its folding saw with an efficient handle that is comfortable to use, either by right or left hand.

Nonetheless, this product does not have the finesse of Bahco. It may still perform well but may fall short in terms of lightweight profile and friction reduction.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F10N-CP Folding Saw. If you are looking for a folding saw meant for hiking, backpacking, and camping, this is a tool that will stand up to the test. It comes with a high carbon steel blade with a length of 8.25 inches. Its blade also has a black powder coating, making it more esthetically pleasing.

Despite the sleek design of the product, there are complaints in terms of its performance. It has poor ratings in terms of locking mechanism and edge retention.


Given the reviews of Bahco Laplander Folding Saw, you will definitely see that it is a product to seek. It has the distinction of being an all-encompassing product. Despite the fact that it has complied with the top preferences of users, it still pleased its customers necessarily.

Although it was debated that the folding saw may be as expensive as a larger tool, it will still be a great buy if you need a long-term pruning and bushcraft assistant.

From its construction to efficiency and convenience of use, the folding saw cannot be beaten at present.

source https://www.bladespro.co.uk/blogs/news/bahco-laplander-review-top-quality-folding-saw-in-the-spotlight

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Victorinox Swiss Army Knives - The Best Pocket Knife Money Can Buy

You might be an adventurer who spends his days in the wild, surrounded by breathtaking nature. Perhaps you are a family person who loves to go off the grid every once in a while and just enjoy the time with your family and nature. Then again, you might be someone who loves to be prepared for the unexpected situations at every moment. Well, whatever the case may be – chances are, you are looking for a multi-purpose tool that will make easy work of opening cans or bottles, cutting wood, or cutting food. We are talking about a pocket knife, of course! However, we don’t want to talk about those cheap models that will only make you waste your money because they are often useless. No, boy. We are talking about the real deal – the legendary Swiss Army Knife.

So, if you are on the same page as us, and you’re looking for reliability and high-quality, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect article. In here we will talk about the one and only – the Swiss Army Knife. This knife is known as “A cultural icon of Switzerland” and with a good reason. From the knifes history to the 10 best versions available, we have got you covered, so read on if you want to know more about the best of the best.
What exactly is a pocket knife?

Before we move on to the history of Swiss Army Knife, let us first talk about the pocket knife in general.

We all have heard of this handy item, even if you have never used one. But, how much do you really know about pocket knives? A pocket knife refers to a fold-able knife that can fit into your pocket (clearly, that’s how it got its name). A pocket knife is a versatile tool as it comes with one or a few blades that fit inside the handle. Besides that, these pockets come with an array of tools, such as scissors, pliers, wood saw, head screwdriver, corkscrew, etc. Thanks to that, these knives can be used in numerous situations, from cutting fruits, to cutting wood, to opening envelopes, to opening cans and bottles.

The first pocket knives we have heard of date all the way back to the early Iron Age. When you stop and think for a second, you will see that it is completely logical why these people have come up with a pocket knife. It must have made their life so much easier. A pocket knife makes OUR lives a whole lot easier, since they are perfect for everyday use and those unexpected situations, let alone how helpful it was to craftsmen thousands of years ago.

The History of the Swiss Army Knife

Antique Swiss Army Knife

But, enough about those old times, it’s time to go back to present or at least to 1880s. At that time, the Swiss Army wanted to buy new folding pocket knives for their soldiers, so as to make their everyday life much easier. So, in 1891. The German knife manufacturer Wester & Co. delivered 15, 000 pocket knives. This pocket knife was called Modell 1890.

Why these pocket knives were made by the German company, one may ask. That is because Swiss companies had no production capacity needed for delivering these products and in such a large number. But, it was not long before Karl Elsener (his company was selling surgical equipment) made a decision to start the production of pocket knives in Switzerland. Like with every person who made a decision and sticks to it, Karl Elsener started producing the Modell 1890 knives at the end of 1891.
After a few years ago, Elsener wanted to improve the knives’ design and make it more office-friendly. So, he delivered that, too! In 1896, he invented a pocket knife that featured a spring mechanism. Thanks to that, he was able to attach many more tools to the both sides of a handle, making it a real multi-purpose pocket knife. In 1897, this knife was registered with the patent office and became known as The Officer’s and Sports Knife.

When you look at the Swiss Army Knife, you will notice the cross and shield symbol. That symbol Karl Elsener used for identifying his knives, and that symbol became a signature of Victorinox-branded models. Speaking of Victorinox, you may ask how the company that produces Swiss Army knives (Victorinox) has got its name and what it has got to do with Karl Elsener. Well, you are about to find out.

In 1909, Karl’s mother died. After that, he decided to name his company “Victoria”, because that was his mother’s name. Okay, we get that, but that still leaves us the last part of the company’s name unexplained. What’s with –X? Read on to find out.
In 1921, Karl started making Swiss Army Knives from stainless steel, also known as “inox”. As you can guess, Karl then put together “Victoria” and “Inox" and that is how the company's name - Victorinox was born. The quite interesting story, don’t you think?
Oh, we almost forgot. We have one more interesting fact to share with you. Do you know why these knives are called “Swiss Army knives”? Well, since the first model was made by the German company, they named it “Offiziersmesser”. Now, you probably don’t even know how to pronounce it. Well, that was also the case with American soldiers after World War II. They struggled to pronounce “Offiziersmesser”, so they come up with their term “Swiss Army Knife”.

So, let us now talk about the present moment and how Swiss Army knives look today. From now on, when someone says to you “Swiss Army Knives” you must know that it refers to a pocket knife with a main spear point blade and a myriad of tools (a can opener, scissors, screwdrivers, corkscrew, and many others). In addition to that, these tools are placed inside the handle by way of using a pivot point mechanism. As for the look of the Swiss Army knives, they usually come with a red handle and feature a Victorinox cross logo.

Now that you’ve learned a thing or two about the history of Swiss Army Knives, it is time to take your knowledge to the next level.

The Best Swiss Army Knives Reviewed

Here is a list of the best Swiss Army Knives, so that you can easily find the right one for your hand or pocket.

Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife Review

Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife - Red

The Victorinox Huntsman is a good choice for anyone who wants to be like a hunter – prepared at any given moment for any situation. With 14 different tools, this knife is more than just a pocket knife. You get scissors, so you can easily cut cardboard, or a plant, or whatever else you need to cut. There are two blades – smaller and larger that are sharp right out of the box and will remain sharp for a long time.

Since the blade is 9 cm long, you can use this knife in many situations, whether you need to open envelope or cut fruits and veggies. One more tool that you will find especially handy is a screwdriver. Thanks to all these tools, it is clear why this unit is made for campers, hikers, adventurists, and all-around users.

However, even though this unit features 14 tools, they all go under the blade, so you can carry the knife with you, without even noticing it’s there.

As for the blades, they are made of stainless steel and are sturdy. This pocket knife and all others on this list come with lifetime warranty against defects since they are produced by Victorinox.

Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife - Red

As we have already seen, this knife offers an array of tools. However, the problem is that getting some of these tools out is a real hassle. And this is definitely not a desired feature when you are in a hurry. Another issue is that this unit comes in a cheap cardboard slip, so you'll probably want to buy a case to keep the knife safe and sound.
All in all, this pocket knife is ideal for hikers, gardeners, and anyone else who wants to keep a handy tool in their pocket, just in case.


  • comes with 14 different tools 
  • versatile 
  • ideal for anyone who needs a good quality pocket knife
  • two blades – larger and smaller
  • the blades are sharp and sturdy 


  • some of the tools are hard to reach 
  • doesn’t come with a case 

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ Review

Whether you are a newbie or have been using a pocket knife for years, this little guy will blow your mind away. That Swiss Army Knives have been improved over the years proves the fact that this unit comes with 32 functions. Now, that is what we call unparalleled functionality.

Scissors, metal saw wood saw, nail file with metal file, multipurpose hook, fish scaler with hook disgorger, two rulers, fine screwdriver, chisel, Pliers with wire cutters, magnifying glass, pressurised ballpoint pen, and stainless steel pin are just some of those functions. With all these tools, this pocket knife is hard to beat.

The blade is 6 inches long and is non-locking. However, don’t think this knife isn’t safe. In fact, you can slide it into the rear pocket of your jeans, or in the pocket of your jacket, knowing that the knife won’t accidentally open. Since Swiss Army knives are one-of-a-kind, it would be ridiculous for their manufacturer to produce models that aren’t safe for their users, right?

Made of superior stainless steel, this unit will last you for over a decade, making it a sound investment in the long run. Sure, investing about £59 in a pocket knife is not a small thing, but, it is well worth it.

The handle is comfortable and you will not have any difficulty holding the knife. In addition to that, it will not slip from your hands. This also adds up to its safety.

As for the downside, it is the same like with the previous model – this knife doesn’t come with a pouch. So, you have to buy it on your own, and spend extra money. But, that’s the only way to keep this unit protected.


  • highly functional 
  • comes with 32 functions 
  • ideal for handling any kind of a challenge 
  • durable 
  • safe 


  • should have come with a pouch or case 

Victorinox VIC SWISS CHAMP XLT Review


Well, if you thought the previous model was expensive then you haven't met the Victorinox Swiss Champ XLT. But, if you are a knife enthusiast and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on a superior pocket knife, then this is the way to go. With 50 impressive functions, this pocket knife is arguably the best one. With this guy by your side, you will be fearless and ready to take on every situation. And when we say “every”, we really mean it.

First, this unit comes with an array of different blades, making it perfect for heavy duty jobs as well as for those light and medium ones. Next, it comes with a plethora of other tools. With a bottle opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, tweezers, scissors, wood saw, magnifying glass, pin, spatula, wire cutters, and many other functions, this unit is a good choice for anyone who appreciates practicality and versatility.

Whether you are on a trip, in the woods, in your backyard, or in your office, this knife will be your best friend for years to come. If you have a friend who is also passionate about pocket knives, then this classy pocket knife makes a great gift.

Finally, the handle is well made and will resist the challenges of the times. This knife is sturdy and you will use it, even after years of use, because it will not wear out.
As for the downfall, this unit is a bit heavy. But, taking into account its functions; its weight doesn’t come as a surprise. Plus, that’s the compromise for what you get with it. Still, the unit will fit into your pocket (you just need to have a big pocket ha-ha).
All in all, this pocket knife is synonymous with innovation and functionality. Its main downside is the price, but if you are serious about pocket knives, then you should not have second thoughts. This little guy makes all the difference, which is why it is favorite among knives enthusiasts all over the world.


  • excels in functionality and versatility since it comes with 50 functions 
  • ideal for knives enthusiasts who are willing to invest in a high-performance knife
  • classy design 
  • durable 


  • Expensive 
  • a bit heavy 

Victorinox Explorer Army Knife Review

Victorinox Explorer Army Knife - Red

Whether you want to take something apart, or fix something, this pocket knife has got you covered. As its name implies, this unit is perfect for exploring the world around you, and help you handle the challenges of everyday life (whether it be opening a bottle of wine, reading a letter, or cutting the rope in the wood). Compared to the aforementioned products, this one comes with the least number of functions. So it is not like you can expect this unit to do wonders, but still, it is ideal for handling some basic tasks such as slicing fruits and opening cans.

With 16 different functions and its compact size, this unit is a true pocket knife. Add to that 101g of weight, and you get a pocket knife that will be hidden in your pocket until you need it. Seriously, if you want to buy a pocket knife, but don’t want to bother with a bulky model, then you will be more than happy with this little guy. And with a key ring attachment, you don’t have to worry about losing this handy item. In fact, attach it to your keys, and take it everywhere with you. How convenient is that, huh?

With a classic Victorinox design, this unit looks amazing and will be a great conversation starter. But, the fact alone that this unit is Swiss Army knife is enough for starting a conversation with knives connoisseurs. Anyone who loves knives will be impressed with the look and performance of this unit.

On top of all, this unit comes with sharp blades that will not break. Much like previous models that we listed, this one is also well-built and is reliable.

As for the downside, this unit is not designed to handle heavy-duty use, so if you are after that, well, you have to look elsewhere.


  • comes with 16 functions 
  • Ideal for basic tasks 
  • compact and lightweight
  • fits easily into your pocket 


  • comes with only 16 functions 
  • not for those looking for a pocket knife for heavy duty jobs 

Victorinox Ranger Grip 55 Walnut Swiss Army Pocket Knife Review

Victorinox Ranger Grip 55 Walnut Swiss Army Pocket Knife

If you are after a comfortable and one-of-a-kind pocket knife, then you should definitely take a look at the Victorinox Ranger Grip 55. This pocket knife is designed with beauty in mind but also delivers a great performance.

It has 12 functions, making it a good choice for basic tasks. Whether you are on a picnic, a family trip, or at your friend’s party, this unit will come in handy. Even though it only has 10 tools and 12 functions, the unit is practical and useful. Meaning, it doesn’t come with those unnecessary functions that you will never get the chance to use.
But what makes this unit stand out from the crowd is a lock blade feature. Thanks to it, the blade will stay in a place all the time. So, no doubt that this knife is safe for carrying around in your pocket. That Victorinox makes every inch and part of a knife count proves the fact that this knife has a lock trick. Take a look at this knife for a second. Do you see a lock release button? That’s right, you don’t. Well, that is because it is hidden. Namely, the logo on the side actually functions as a lock release button. Pretty smart, don’t you think?

Another great feature is a handle design. This unit has an ergonomic design, so holding the knife is a real pleasure.

The icing on the cake is the striking look of this unit. The walnut finish makes this pocket knife really beautiful and worth having. We just can’t get enough of looking at this pocket knife and neither will you.

As for the downside, this unit should have come in a nice package, so as to be ready as a gift.


  • lock blade 
  • safe
  • lock press release design 
  • sturdy 
  • ergonomic handle 
  • ideal for basic light tasks 


  • should come in a nice package 

Victorinox Swiss Soldiers Knife Review

Victorinox Swiss Soldier's Knife

The Swiss Soldiers Knife is one of the best pocket knives out there and as such won’t disappoint. With a lightweight design and useful functions, this unit makes a great addition to everyday life. Whether you are someone who collects pocket knives or you just want to have a top-notch pocket knife at your disposal, you will appreciate the functionality of this unit.

Being the favorite of Swiss Army, it is not surprising that this unit allows for a single hand operation. You can easily get the knife out with one hand, thanks to a large lock blade. This makes it a good choice for anyone whose nature of the job requires from him to be prepared at any moment.

What also contributes to its ease of use is ten functions. Even though this knife doesn’t come with tweezers, which some users didn’t like, it still has all the other basic tools one could need in the case of an emergency. Some of those tools are wood saw, key ring, wire stripper, bottle opener, can opener, small screwdriver, and Philips screwdriver. As you can see, this little guy is ready for challenges and will be your right hand.

One more thing that makes this unit easy-to-use is its design. With only 131g and 111mm, this unit is lightweight and can be placed in your pocket. However, keep in mind that the blade is large so you have to check the law in your country before buying this knife. For example, this pocket knife is not legal in the UK because of the blade’s length.

Speaking of blades, this knife features two of them, both of which are serrated. Other models on this list that we mentioned come with plain blades. Serrated blades are sharper and will more easily cut through the food.

As for durability, this unit will surely last you for years, don’t for a second doubt that. Made of stainless steel and coming from Victorinox, this unit comes with a lifetime warranty on any defects, for a worry-free purchase. Once you try Swiss Army knife, you will never again go back to other pocket knives. And why would you, when these knives are of the best that money can buy?


  • great for single handed operation 
  • Ten functions 
  • serrated blades 
  • durable 
  • easy to use 
  • lightweight 


  • doesn’t come with tweezers 

Victorinox 0882300 Army Knife Alpineer Review
Victorinox 0882300 Army Knife Alpineer Review

The Victorinox Alpineer is an adventurist that will handle all the tasks and challenges in a blink of an eye. It comes with a few features, and a lightweight design, making it perfect for hikers, alpinists, and other people who cannot imagine their lives without a pocket knife at their hand. This little guy is a classic and will never go out of date.

Compared to the above-mentioned models, this one only comes with 5 features – large lock blade, tweezers, toothpick, key ring, and corkscrew. However, this unit is powerful enough to take on basic tasks that you can encounter when in nature. So, you don’t have to worry about the unexpected, as long as you have the Alpineer by your side. With a lock blade, you also don't have to worry about the blade popping out at a wrong moment. So, know that this pocket knife brings you the needed safety.

The last thing an alpinist needs is more weight, right? So, Victorinox thought of that and come up with a solution – this Alpineer pocket knife. This is one of the reasons why Victorinox keeps delivering top notch products. They always listen to the needs of their customers, tailoring the pocket knives to their needs and desires. So, if anyone knows how to keep the innovation and reputation at a high level, then it is definitely this company.

That being said, the selling point of this pocket knife is its design. This knife is called Alpineer. Therefore it is quite logical that it only weighs 60 grams, making it one of the lightest pocket knives on this list. And with a key ring, you can attach this unit to the keys or your backpack, keeping it within easy reach. Or if you want to put it in the pocket, you can also do that. Since this model is very lightweight, you won’t notice that you’re carrying it with you.

As for the looks, this unit looks classic. With a recognizable red handle, this pocket knife ensures its place on the "best-looking pocket knives" list. Of course, some of you don't care about the looks, but knives enthusiasts do care and they will understand the subtle beauty of this knife.
On the downside, the blade is very sharp right out of the box, so you have to be careful when working with this knife. 


  • sharp blade 
  • well built
  • a classic design that looks great
  • practical 
  • lightweight and compact easily fits into the pocket
  • good choice for hikers, alpinists, etc. 


  • the blade is very sharp so you have to be careful when using the knife 

Victorinox Swiss Army 1 Pocket Knife Review

Victorinox Swiss Army 1 Pocket Knife

In case you are looking for something different than previous models on the list, then this might be just the thing you need. Here we have a pen knife – perfect for fitting into your pocket.

Since this is a pen pocket, it doesn’t come with all those numerous functions like classic pocket knives. Instead, it comes with a sharp blade. However, don’t be na├»ve and think this pen knife doesn’t offer a top notch performance.

In fact, there is one thing where this unit excels – durability. Because of its unique design, this unit is probably the sturdiest pen knife out there that (at this price point).
The combination of stainless steel and aluminum makes this pen knife practically indestructible. With that in mind, this unit will easily last you for more than a decade. That is if you take care of it properly.

Moreover, this pen knife feels good in your hand, allowing you to have control over the object. It is easy to get the job done with this bold guy by your side. Thanks to its design, this unit is a good choice for travelers who don’t want to add weight to their baggage. With 44 grams and one blade, this knife takes up very little space, yet its presence will give you the peace of mind.

Another thing that makes this pen knife unique is its look. With two Alox scales, this unit looks courageous and stylish, leaving a strong impression on anyone who sees it.
However, this product is not perfect. In fact, the problem with this unit is that it doesn’t come with a key ring. Now, taking into account a sleek and compact design of this unit, that part doesn’t impress us. In fact, we find this unit easy to lose, because it is so little. A key ring would save us so much trouble. So, you definitely need to keep your eyes on this pocket knife, if you want to keep it.

All in all, this pen knife is extremely durable and comes with a reliable and sharp blade. So, if you are looking for that, you just can’t go wrong with the Swiss Army 1.


  • extremely durable 
  • well-built 
  • unparalleled sturdiness
  • design 
  • bold look 
  • sharp blade 
  • ideal for travelers 


  • doesn’t come with a key ring

Victorinox Evolution Wood 17 Swiss Army Pocket Knife Review

Victorinox Evolution Wood

Never be afraid of a change. The only way to live your life to the fullest is to embrace change and step out of your comfort zone. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it is possible. It all starts with making a decision. So, if you are not afraid to widen your horizons, and want to make the most out of every day and situation, then The Evolution Wood 17 might be just the perfect choice for you.

With its authentic design and numerous functions, it is clear to see why this unit is one of the best pocket knives out there. Add to that a good price and this unit is hard to miss.

Everything about this knife is extraordinary. From elegant wood scales to 13 functions, to comfortable handle. So, we just don't know where to start with this one. Should we start with its sturdy and elegant design that is easy on the eyes? Not only that, but this unit also feels nice in your hand. It comes with wood scales so it will give you that well-known warm and cozy feel that only wood can give. This is an especially feature if you are far away from your home. Each time you use this pocket knife, you will think of your home.

Or should we talk about how sturdy and well-designed this unit is? It will certainly last you for a few years.

We have to mention 13 functions that you get with this knife, making it ideal for any situation. With nail cleaner, nail file, bottle opener, wire stripper, wood saw, scissors, screwdrivers and key ring, this unit is a real pleasure to use.

Lastly, this unit comes with an ergonomic handle, so it will fit perfectly into your hand. Thanks to that, the unit is safe, because it won’t slip from your hands.

Even though the Evolution Wood 17 doesn’t have any real downsides (yup, it’s just that good), it only comes with 13 functions. Now, don’t get us wrong – all of the functions are useful. But, it wouldn’t be a bad thing that this unit includes a few more functions.
Overall, for those of you looking for a pocket knife that has a soul, this is it. With a walnut finish, the Evolution Wood 17 brings the change in the world of pocket knives. This unit shows that it is possible to combine elegance, coziness, and functionality, giving you one-of-a-kind item that will follow you wherever you want to go.


  • elegant design 
  • 13 functions 
  • comes with a wood saw 
  • ergonomic handle 
  • well-built 


  • comes with only 13 functions 

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Pocket Tool Review

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Pocket Tool

Last but not least. For those of you looking for a companion on your everyday adventures, this is a perfect choice. The Classic SD is arguably the best mini pocket knife, and you will love it! It is adorable. But don't think that this unit only looks good. No boy. It performs great as well.

With 7 functions (scissors, nail file, screwdriver, blade tweezers…), this pocket knife is ideal for everyday use and with its compact design, this knife will be within easy reach all the time. You can attach it to your key chain, or put it in your pocket. Either way, you will carry this unit wherever you go, all the time, because it is just that useful.
The scale is made of ABS and is sturdy, so no need to worry about that. As for the blade, it is made of stainless steel, like with all other products on this list. That being said, the blade is sharp and won’t dull quickly.

A slight concern is that this pocket knife comes in a slipcase. Meaning, it doesn't look very nice if you want to give it as a gift. So, you will have to buy a case or something like that if you want to sweep someone off their feet with this gift.

One more concern is that people don't realise how small this pocket knife is until they receive it. So, yup, this is a very small pocket knife, and will discreetly fit onto your key chain.


  • 7 functions 
  • Compact design – weighs only 22g 
  • the ABS scale 


  • comes with a slipcase 
  • very small 

The Final Word

And there you have it, folks. We gave our best to give you a comprehensive and lengthy article that will help you find the best pocket knife for your needs and means. Since all the products come from Victorinox, they are all of a superior quality and excel in performance. Now, it is up to you to choose the one that will suit best your needs, and that is exactly why we listed 10 best Swiss Army knives. With our diverse list, you will be able to choose just the thing you need.

A good pocket knife is a must because you never know what is around the corner. Whether you are going to the woods, are doing jobs around your house, or are a knife enthusiast, Swiss Army knives make all the difference. So, buy one for yourself and feel that difference. Sure, some models that we listed above are pricey but keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and with Swiss Army knives you get a lot. Whether you need to open something, cut wood, or use scissors, the Swiss Army Knife has got your back. So, the question is: What do you want?

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