Thursday, 11 January 2018

Top Selling Karambit Knives in the UK for 2017

Now that we're at the start of 2018, it's a good time to look back:  What were the top selling Karambit Knives for the UK in 2017? Here are some best seller Karambit knives, as seen on BladesPro UK:

Alpha Nineteen Karambit Knife

Alpha Nineteen Karambit Knife on BladesPro
Fantastic for the outdoors, this great-looking a comfortable blade has been a hit with our customers..  A top-selling Karambit Knife in the UK, it's received great reviews and been put to good, safe use on outdoor projects, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and more.  

See the Alpha Nineteen Karambit Knife on BladesPro >

Damascus Style Karambit Knife 

A Karambit knife stylised after Damascus steel, this has also been extremely popular and received great reviews such as this one from Karen:

  "The Karambit is wonderful. Excellent for carving among it's many other uses."

See the Damascus Style Karambit Knife on BladesPro >

Alpha Twenty One Karambit Knife

With its egonomically designed handle for comfortable use, with hanging clip-on handle for easy carrying or attaching to a belt, and a stylish black design, this has been a big-selling Karambit Knife in the UK in 2017. 

See the Alpha Twenty One Karambit Knife on BladesPro UK

Scorpions Claw Karambit Knife


A slightly smaller blade at 16cm in total length, this Karambit Knife comes with a leather sheath and has been revered by martial artists and outdoorsmen alike. 

Two of the many pieces of feedback we’ve received from real customers: 
  - "Came with a surprising sharp edge and was exactly what i was hoping for!"
  - "These blades are of extremely high quality, and they handle perfectly."

See the Scorpions Claw Karambit Knife on BladesPro >

Alpha Twenty Karambit Knife


A variation of the Alpha Nineteen above, but with a stainless steel blade, this Karambit Knife has received great feedback (and become a best seller) in 2017.  

See the Alpha Twenty Karambit Knife on BladesPro UK >

You can see our full range of Karambit Knives, all with free shipping, here.


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